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Topics & Presenters

November 9

“Spirit of Rosebud” with Christine Hart

A Native American Church that served Lakota People on the Rosebud Reservation fell down after almost a hundred years of service. Christine Hart and her Lakota friend, Zintkala Waste both dream of rebuilding the church, and have been working with the non-profit “Spirit of Rosebud” to rebuild that spiritual community center.
How is a dream born, and what needs to happen in the physical realm to manifest an idea? How does hope and excitement sustain a dream when unknowns threaten it? . . . when cultural differences challenge it? Who benefits from a project like the Spirit of Rosebud and what makes such a vision enticing and interesting?
Christine is an MD who spent time with Lakota People during the 35 years she practiced in South Dakota, before relocating in Boulder where she now does energy work.

November 16

“Who Are We? An Introduction to Human Design: Part 3” with Nancy Paranka and Lori Kochevar

Human Design is a system that integrates concepts and structures from several different streams of spiritual knowing to provide a blueprint for affirming one’s individuality and to give suggestions on how to navigate successfully through the world. It is based on the premise that each of us is uniquely formed and that knowing more about our true selves can help lift our lives into new dimensions. Channeled in 1987, the system integrates aspects of the I Ching, astrology, the tree of life (Judaism/kaballah), the chakra system, and our genetic inheritance to produce a “body graph” from which a reading can be done. This morning we will focus on the centers and how they influence our interactions with others which can help us live more happily in community with others while honoring and celebrating our individual selves.
We strongly recommend that you come to the presentation prepared knowing your “type” and “inner authority” or come early (bring your birth time) and we’ll be on hand to do quick charts before the presentation.
Nancy is a longtime SpiritKeepers attendee who has been studying and experimenting with this system for the past 3 years. Although trained as a scientist, she persists in walking the sometimes slippery path that links science and spirituality. Lori uses human design as a tool in her practice of parenting, business, and consultation.

November 23

“Power in the Music” with Clint Brown and Patricia Kay Youngson

Music has the power to soothe, inspire, enliven and bring people together with its rhythm and harmony. As a therapeutic method, music can has been shown in clinical studies to aid healing in areas such as trauma, psychological disorders and neurological injuries. Clint will give a historical overview of the development of the field of Music Therapy, and the duo will update the group on what they are doing in healing and entertainment, perform some songs, and lead the group in some musical adventures.

Clint Brown has an MA from Naropa in Counseling with a Concentration in Music Therapy and an LPC. Patricia Kay Youngson has an MA from Naropa in Counseling and is an RN. The duo perform an eclectic blend of country, Bluegrass and original songs, with some Hank Williams songs and humor blended into their presentations.

November 30

“The Heart of Attraction: Improve the Relationship You are In by Connecting with the Heart of Your Soul.” with Robert Blond

There are many ways we attract friends and sexual partners into our lives. As individuals we strive for intimacy and connection yet many relationships appear to result in the exact opposite of what we were hoping for. You may find yourself being disappointed because the “spiritually aware” person you thought you manifested turns out to be filled with seemingly unending negative unconscious patterns and addictions. We will discuss how to use the laws of attraction to create the connection you desire, instead of just a fantasy image. This goes beyond how to manifest a ‘soul mate’ – and includes how to fill an empty hole in your heart.

Handouts on:
* The “20 steps for healing pain and conflict in a loving relationship.”
* How people bond with others from lower levels to higher levels.
* Commitments one can make to create an intentionally aware or healthy relationship.

December 14

“Spiritual Integration with Embodiment Practices: How Singing and Dancing help us Face Change with Courage and Compassion” with Jen Friedman

Intellectualizing our theological and spiritual beliefs can only get us so far. As embodied beings in the world, we need to have real and meaningful experiences of compassion, love, trust, hope, and acceptance in order to help us integrate our previous encounters with life-limiting theologies like fear, shame, and guilt. Personal and communal spiritual practices that involve embodiment or tap into our physiological and intuitive ways of knowing cultivate courage and compassion so that we may gracefully ‘dance’ with change throughout our lives.

Jen Friedman will present a contemplative and experiential program with a flow of singing, meditative silence, dancing and dharma talk. Jen is the co-leader of the Longmont Dance Circle and an interfaith and music minister serving the Unitarian Universalist and Unity traditions nation-wide. In November, she completed a three year Master of Divinity program at Iliff School of Theology in Denver. She served on the board of directors for Dances of Universal Peace North America for 4 years and is a regular musician and guest speaker at the Unity Longmont Spiritual Center.

December 21

“Winter Solstice Celebration and Meditation” with Kenna Koester

As in past years we will be holding the meditation/labyrinth ritual celebrating the Return of the Light. (A similar ritual is held each Winter Solstice at the Findhorn Foundation). The point of change from Dark/Light is 4:03 p.m. MST this day, which represents the least amount of daylight in the Solar cycle of the northern hemisphere, and the most amount of daylight for our southern neighbors.

We will take this in as a metaphor of the human cycle by being in contemplation of our darkest times and walking with intention into the Light. So, too we will meditate throughout the entirety of the morning weaving in the Labyrinth walk and choosing an Angel quality for your New Year. May this New (solar) Year shine brightly upon you and us as a community.

Rev. Kenna Koester lived in Findhorn Foundation for 2 years. She is a long time Dancer and has sat on the SpiritKeepers Board of Trustees for 6 years and now serves as Chairwoman.

December 28

“May I have the Last Word?” with Rev. Timothy Dobson

After 20 years and over 800 presentations, SpiritKeepers is closing its doors. On this final morning of our gathering Timothy will reflect on the gifts and lessons learned from this “experiment” that began in 1994 at an old Baptist church in Louisville. Please join in the reminiscence of the evolution of this fellowship and what it has modeled for expressing an interfaith ideal in the world. What does it take to stay connected in spiritual community in the largely virtual reality we live in? “… and the forms pass, but the circle of life remains.” from Blood of the Ancients.”