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Past Presenters

October 12

“The Spiritual Path of Paganism: an Introduction to Pagan Belief Systems, the Wheel of the Year, and Spiritual Practices” with Sara Rain

This is an introduction to Pagan belief systems, the wheel of the year, and spiritual practices.

As many of you know Ms. Rain is a multifaceted Minister and DUP leader. Her skill as a Celebrant is before our very eyes each Sunday morning during this rich and rare time in the Community. Please join us to hear Ms. Rain share her knowledge and love of Paganism.

October 19

“Exploring Mystic India” with Jackson Wolfe

What is it that so captures our imaginations about India? For Jackson it started with tigers, caparisoned elephants, high mountains and the Taj Mahal. Later it was Gandhi, Nehru and India’s fountainhead of the first large organized religions. Soon India will be a 50-year-old Democracy. It has had a long roller coaster ride of disappointments and achievements. India still struggles with a shameful public health problem, yet is a leader in the “green revolution”. Come join Jackson in a lively discussion exploring India’s unique mixture of politics and Spirituality. Jackson has made numerous trips abroad to experience India first hand.

October 26

“Consciousness, Ritual, and Healing” with Eamon Duffy

At this gathering we will explore our life’s dreams and intentions. The true knowing of our greater self, as to why are we here and what is worthy of our souls expression. Through movement, centering and connection to the infinite, we will heal and bless ourselves and each other. Special musical guest Jon Sousa will share his soulful melodies. Join us for this community celebration.

Eamon Duffy is the director of The Mens Dedicated to empowering men in their greatness. In addition to being a New Thought Spiritual Practitioner ( RScP ) at Mile Hi Church. Uplifting the higher possibilities of our spiritual lives.

September 14

Christian Mythology Part III: the Story of Job with Richard Hartnett

Many of us were raised in religions that used fear to motivate. While we may have come to believe in an all-loving creator, it is worthwhile for us to ask, “ How can fear affect our spiritual practices?” The answer may surprise you.

Richard has been a regular presenter at Spirit Keepers since its inception. He is a teacher, spiritual counselor and writer.

September 21

Autumn Equinox: Embodying Balance with Sajit Green

At the Autumn Equinox, find balance within and without by dancing through the twelve archetypes of the zodiac. Moving full circle, from Aries, “The Warrior”, to Pisces, “The Mystic”, we’ll embody the four elements and explore the spectrum of human expression. Starting with the fire element, we’ll get energized. Next, the earth element brings grounding and sensuality. The air element will help us make connections, and we’ll share the love in our hearts through the flow of the water element.

Sajit Greene has a Master’s in Dance/Movement Therapy from Naropa. She guides people in their soul work, using a combination of astrology and transformational coaching. Sajit lives in Taos, NM, and works with people around the globe, via Skype.

September 28

Men, Manhood, & Health with Tom Daly

Doctor to patient: “Joe, I haven’t seen you for a while.”
Joe: “Yah, I’ve been sick.”
Why do men find it so difficult to get regular check-ups and ask for help regarding health issues? What is the relationship between skyrocketing health care costs, epidemic rates of diabetes, heart disease, cancer and our internalized and cultural expectations of men and manhood? Join us in a lively and experiential exploration of these and other questions that can lead to healthier lives for individual men, their families, and communities.

Tom Daly, PhD, is recognized nationally as an inspirational leader and teacher. Since 1976 Tom has devoted himself to supporting men in living more whole and healthy lives. He continues to mentor men of all ages through the Men’s Leadership Alliance of Boulder.

August 10

“Mythology within the Christian Tradition” (part two) with Richard Hartnett

In this second installment of a six part series on Christian Mythology, Richard will explore the Christian creation myth known as the story of “Adam and Eve and the garden of Eden”. All great stories endure over time because they hold great truths. Often these truths are lost or hidden by the way we look at the story. The story of the garden of Eden is a valuable story for all of us when we see the hidden truth that it symbolically represents the birth of human consciousness. As always Richard will share about his relationship to this myth and will invite all to share in the exploration.

Richard is a licensed Minister, a teacher and a writer. He has been a regular presenter at SpiritKeepers since its inception.

August 17

“Completing a Circle – Travels to Zimbabwe and S. Africa” with Mary Ellen Garrett

Mary Ellen will share some of her soul journey and life’s passion: studies of Zimbabwean music and friendships with Zimbabwean musicians that came full circle in her first trip to that country and to S. Africa in 2013. Mary Ellen has helped host Zimbabwean teachers in Colorado, and got to visit them in their homes, meet their families, and understand more of the spiritual dimensions of traditional music and the interconnections of the global music community.

Mary Ellen is a former SpiritKeepers board member and is a leader of the Dances of Universal Peace.

August 24

“Walking in Grace” with Cookie James

Grace is not a destination it is a way of being. Through our exploration of Grace, we will come to understand how to walk and live in grace on a daily basis. Cookie has been a Lay Therapist in Social Services for over 30 years. Each day she is challenged to find grace in the midst of social turmoil. Grace can be accessed in any circumstance though learning to see what is hidden. Through her practice, she has been able to deal with extremely difficult situations both personally and professionally. Please join us and explore ways to walk in Grace daily. Together we will put one foot in front of the other and walk in Grace.

August 31

“Earth-Honoring Faith” with Pete Terpennin

“What we are more or less lacking at this moment is a new definition of holiness” Pierre Teilhard de Chardin
“The most important thing to do for the planet is reinvent the sacred” N. Scott Momaday

How do we envision the sacred? What is the nature of God? Pete will be exploring earth-honoring faith and the need for new ethic that is not human centered, but includes all creation.

Pete is the former pastor of Community United Church of Christ in Table Mesa and has left Christian ministry after 30 years. Lately, he has been working and reading in the area of environmental justice and has recently been exploring earth-centered spirituality, permaculture and the plurality of spiritual paths. He has a M.Div. from Duke Divinity School, and a D.Min. from Chicago Theological Seminary in Sociology of Religion. He lives in Boulder with his wife, Laura.

July 27

“Exploring 8 Keys to Wholeness” with Donna DeNome

You are uniquely precious and we need exactly what YOU have to offer. . . . But do you share it fully? Often pockets of wounding hold us back from making the most of what we have to give. In this experiential group, we will explore Eight Keys that can help to heal our conscious and unconscious wounds, providing tangible gifts to up-level our quality of life.

Donna DeNomme is a spiritual teacher, shamanic healer, and licensed success coach in private practice since 1987. Her work has helped clients find their spiritual center, clarify their mission, and strengthen their resilience. She is the award-winning, internationally-published author of Turtle Wisdom, Turtle Wisdom Personal Illumination Cards, and Ophelia’s Oracle. Donna’s newest empowerment book is entitled 8 Keys to Wholeness: Tools for Hope-Filled Healing.

July 20

“Conscious Peace Dancing” with Christine Hart

“When human consciousness becomes coherent, the behavior of random systems may change.” Various groups of scientific spirituals have shown that intentions for peace create measurable affects on this planet. Lynn McTaggart conducts the Intention Experiment where consciousness studies show that we can affect the germination and growth of plants, help clear water and promote peace. At Princeton University, Roger Nelson conducts The Global Consciousness Project for promoting peace. This morning invites dancers to “use” their intention/love/movement to promote peace. After all, we are the Dancers of Universal Peace!

Christine Hart is a former M.D. and an avid researcher in the fields of spiritual science.

July 13

The Christian Creation Myth with Richard Hartnett

This is the first in a series of presentations on Christian Mythology. As Joseph Campbell stated, “Just because a myth is not literally true doesn’t mean that there is not truth in it.” All great wisdom traditions offer us truth when viewed from a mythological perspective. Viewing the stories of the Bible as myth isn’t an insult or even an effort to invalidate them. Viewing them as myth gives us a new way of looking at these stories in order to give them a relevance that can co-exist with Science. The creation story is one of our most important myths. The story of “Adam and Eve and the garden of Eden”, represents the birth of humanity. Looking at this story from a mythological perspective reveals hidden truths as well as prejudices about the human predicament. Understanding the hidden truths in this myth can help to find inner and outer peace.

June 29

“Part 2: Building Community Using the Science of Differentiation (Human Design)” with Lori Kochevar MS LPC and Nancy Paranka, Ph.D.

At the cornerstone of building a strong community is knowing who you are within and then looking at how you harmonize with other members of your tribe. This morning we plan to build on the basics established in part 1 of this presentation to see how human design can be used to strengthen our community by increasing understanding of self and other. This system gives us a framework for seeing our bio-mechanical effect on those around us that can account for both stuckness and synergy in relationships with others. For the information to have deeper meaning and for you to more easily join the lively discussion and interactive activities, we strongly recommend that you come to the presentation prepared knowing your “type”, “profile” and “inner authority” ( or come early (bring your birth time) and we’ll be on hand to do quick charts before the presentation.

Lori uses human design as a tool in her practice of parenting, business, and consultation. Nancy is a longtime SpiritKeepers attendee who has been studying and experimenting with this system for the past 3 years. Although trained as a scientist, she persists in walking the sometimes slippery path that links science and spirituality.

June 22

Deep Healing Chi Kung with Patricia Kay Youngson

Deep Healing Chi Kung is a series of Chi Kung movements which are designed to heal the practitioner physically, mentally, and spiritually. I learned it from a DVD by Michael Winn who has the website Healing Tao USA. Medical & Spiritual Qigong, Primordial Tai Chi, Tao Sexual Inner Alchemy. He learned it from a Taoist master in Beijing. The Deep Healing Chi Kung includes using the healing sounds, colors, and visualization as well as movement.

Patricia Kay Youngson is a Certified Healing Tao Instructor and studied under Mantak Chia, Minke DeVoss, and Michael Winn.

June 15

OBEDIENCE with Chris Mathias

On the surface of decision making is the intellectual. We can liken it to the surface of the ocean. Below the surface lie the deep resources, the true motivations, the longings and life force which propel our actions. To the unfamiliar, these are referred to as ‘intuition’ ‘6th sense’ ‘gut feeling’ ‘voodoo’ and other euphemistic or derogatory terms. To the practiced, this ‘well’ is the place of beginning, of sustenance, of ethics and ‘co-ordination’ (to make holy or sacred) To practice the beginnings of obedience is to enlist the eternal and the sacred as a guiding companion to all of your choices.The vagueness of success will slowly (or quickly) move from an objective to a consequence. The need to be persuasive, strategic and tactical becomes principled architecture, agile and potent, rather than invoking ‘The Plan’ which fights for adherence, struggles with compliance and acts upon ‘facts’ which, in truth, are both fluid and relative. This is the introduction to OBEDIENCE. This discussion will include recommended reading, scenarios and next steps.

June 8

“Great Waves of Change” Navigating the Difficult Times Ahead. A group inquiry facilitated by Rev. Timothy Dobson.

Humanity has crossed a critical threshold where we will have to adapt to a whole new set of circumstances. A united effort between people and governments is required to meet the requirements of living in a radically changing world. At the core of this effort are the courage and the ability within people to see what is coming, to know what to do and to act wisely in the face of increasing upheaval and uncertainty.

This morning we will explore together some of these ideas presented in Marshall Vian Summers 2009 book, Great Waves of Change. Using random occurrence and intuitive choice making we will invoke the group wisdom through a circular council format and explore the ways that strong relations and community can be a resource for gaining the confidence to move forward.

Please Note:
For those who missed my “in person” announcement… The SpiritKeepers Board of Trustees has granted my request for a six month sabbatical after 20 years of service as SK minister. Starting in July and until the end of the year, facilitation of our Sunday gatherings will be performed by capable interim ministers Sara Rain and Richard Hartnett. I am very much looking forward to a time of respite, reflection and regeneration, but I hope to see many of you at SpiritKeepers during the month of June before taking my leave of absence. With Love, Timothy

May 25

“May I Call You a Dreamer” with Rev. Timothy Dobson

“Our human condition is such that we are forever in the situation of deciding how much attention to give to self-generated thought and how much to information from the external social or physical environment.” Jerome L. Singer.

It turns out that our capacity for mental time travel gives us immense possibilities for realizing our deepest desires and strivings. The power of daydreaming allows us to overcome the restraints of the present and travel to distant places and epochs all in the mind. Come explore the realms of our fantasies as building blocks of the future and the value of “aimless wandering” as described by Chogham Trungpa Rinpoche. Timothy Dobson is the founding minister of SpiritKeepers and a “cultural creative” willing to dance the dream of a new reality into being. Please arrive at 9:30 a.m. to secure parking and enjoy a lunch with the Boulder Creek Festival vendors following our gathering.

May 18

20th Anniversary Celebration of SpiritKeepers and “Artistic Uprising” with M.C. Ira Liss.

Come enjoy and participate in the festivities of our community turning 20! Some spaces remain for individual or group offerings in the Artistic Uprising (5 minute range per offering). Contact Ira if interested. or (303) 916-4927. We will continue the celebration along Boulder Creek at 12:30. Dancing in the creek side Peace Garden, playing low impact games, music jam with Clint, etc. We will share in a picnic potluck, so bring a favorite dish and serving tool. Sunscreen, blankets, lawn chairs, play clothes are all recommended. Plates, cups, picnic ware, tablecloths, birthday cake and beverages will be provided. Even if we haven’t seen you for some time…. come, come, whoever you are!

May 11

“S.O.S. Voices of the” Boat People” with Lyly Do

In 1975, Vietnam was overrun with the North Vietnamese army. April 29th of that year saw thousands of South Vietnamese fleeing for their lives to the harbor in Saigon. As mortars landed in the city and on the beach, thousand were killed and/or wounded. Lyly Do was a 10 year old child that last day before Saigon fell to the communists. She will relay the last moments as her and her mother and siblings fled to the harbor boarding barges that the Americans had floated in. Lyly and her siblings were separated from their mother and boarded onto a barge towed out to sea and left to float on its own, thinking they would never see their mother again. Lyly will tell the story of hardships aboard the barge as it drifted through large waves…sickness, danger, hunger, constant fear of capsizing or being discovered and killed by the North Vietnamese Army….an amazing story of survival, family determination and a heroic rescue at sea.

April 27

“Start a Conversation, Begin a Friendship” with Ira Liss

How do conversations lead to friendships, or discourage them? What is the nature of listening? Is there a way to listen or react in a conversation that might encourage or discourage our creating connection, community and friendships? For decades, Ira Liss, writer and performing artist, has observed that strange, unpredictable creature who seems to occupy so much of our lives – human beings. He will lead the gathering in exercises and observations that will have us notice our own listening and ability to be empathetic. Ira is the music director at SpiritKeepers and a long time
participant in the Dances of Universal Peace.

April 20

Dispelling the Three Veils with Kevin Townley

The Study of Glamour is a deep exercise in self reflection whereby we begin to understand its illusory nature which casts a hoodwink or veil between ourselves and the light of the intuition. Its main characteristic is astral and when mixed with the lower mind creates much delay in our spiritual progress. When glamour is dissolved, it opens the door to the preliminary stages of true intuition. The morning will examine the nature of Glamour and how it effects the individual, communities, nations, and the world in which we live.

Kevin Townley has been a student and teacher of the Western Mysteries and Ageless Wisdom for over 30 years. His areas of discipline and study include Masonry, the Rosicrucians, the Tarot, Astrology, Alchemy, Qabalah, Sufism and Buddhism. Kevin worked in a full time laboratory dedicated to the practical study of alchemy and spagery and was a cofounder of the Hermetic School, the Philosophers of Nature. He is the author of The Cube of Space, Meditations on the Cube of Space and is completing a work on Masonry entitled, A Divide Brotherhood: The Fall and Rise of Masonry in the 21st Century.

April 13

“Who Are You? An Introduction to Human Design: Part 1” with Nancy Paranka, Ph.D. and Lori Kochevar MS LPC

Human Design is a system that integrates concepts and structures from several different streams of spiritual knowing to provide a blueprint for affirming one’s individuality and to give suggestions on how to navigate successfully through the world. It is based on the premise that each of us is uniquely formed and that knowing more about our true selves can help lift our lives into new dimensions. Channeled in 1987, the system integrates aspects of the I Ching, astrology, the tree of life (Judaism/kaballah), the chakra system, and our genetic inheritance to produce a “body graph” from which a reading can be done. Come hear an introduction to this fascinating “interfaith” system, and leave with information on how to access your individual design and some basics on how to apply it to your life. We strongly recommend that you come to the presentation prepared knowing your “type” and “inner authority” or come early (bring your birth time) and we’ll be on hand to do quick charts before the presentation.

Nancy is a longtime SpiritKeepers attendee who has been studying and experimenting with this system for the past 3 years. Although trained as a scientist, she persists in walking the sometimes slippery path that links science and spirituality. Lori uses human design as a tool in her practice of parenting, business, and consultation.

March 30

“The Changing Faces of Africa” with Jackson Wolfe

Beginning a long relationship with the countries of Africa, Jackson made his first trip as a Peace Corp worker to Ethiopia fifty years ago. Over the last five decades he has seen throughout Africa a growing ‘middle class’ larger than the population of the United States which exceeds 300 million people and is nearly one third of the continent’s total population. Major advances in public health care have unleashed lots of creative energy, impressive economic growth, and optimism about the future. The uptick of optimism has particularly been noticeable in the last 4-6 years. This morning we will hear some of the positive developments on the continent and reflect on some of Africa’s successes, challenges, and its magic.

Jackson Wolfe is a long time Peace Dancer in the Boulder and Denver circles and a much loved presenter on world events at SpiritKeepers over many years. His work with Tucker International preparing Western business people to live abroad has given him unique insights into the cultural evolution of many distant and exotic places.

March 23

Community Deepening with Rev. Timothy Dobson and self selected members of the fellowship

What brought you to the spiritual path that you are on? What moments of epiphany or trauma have defined your journey? Where do you find the greatest joys and challenges as you move through a life that is universal and deeply personal at the same time? On this morning participants will get a chance to share and disclose within their level of comfort the particulars of being themselves. Through uninterrupted one on one dialogue before the group, we will open a space of greater self knowledge and appreciation of the many colored strands that comprise the fabric of the SpiritKeepers community.

March 16

Taoism/Chi Kung with Patricia Kay Youngson

Taoism emerged around 5,000 years ago from the rich shamanic culture that existed in China since the Ice Age. The Tao is translated as The Way or The Natural Order of Things and is rooted in nature. The Taoist practice of Chi Kung began around 4,000 years ago. Chi Kung builds energy in the body. This energy is initially sexual and ultimately translates into health, healing, and spiritual growth. After a brief discussion of Taoism and Chi Kung, most of the presentation will involve leading the group through several Chi Kung movements along with descriptions of their specific benefits.
Patricia Kay Youngson is a certified Healing Tao Instructor who has studied under Mantak Chia, Minke de Voss, and Michael Winn. Since April last year, she has been teaching a Chi Kung class at the YMCA.

March 9

“Accepting Spiritual Responsibility” with Richard Hartnett

(Remember: This is the first day of Daylight Savings Time!)

We all have our stories about the misfortunes of our lives. It’s easy to blame the fates or hold on to resentments. When we do this, we keep ourselves from advancing on our spiritual journey. We need not forgive our transgressors but we do need to give up being a victim. In giving up instead of forgiving we set the stage for gaining our freedom from our tormentors. What was once a source of torment can actually bring us grace.

Orestes was a man who had significant justification for resenting both his family and the gods for his difficulties. However, his path to freedom began with his acceptance of his responsibility. We must all recognize our response-ABILITY as the first step towards freedom. His story is my story and your story. Let’s walk together in our efforts to find our way to freedom.

Richard Hartnett is a licensed minister and spiritual counselor. He is the author of “The New Old Gods”, a book demonstrating the relevance of Greek Mythology for modern man. The material for today’s presentation comes out of his second book, “Call of the Soul” which is due out later this month.

February 23

Spiritkeepers’ Status Report from the Board of Trustees

Our community faces funding issues that, if not addressed and changed, portend an end to SpiritKeepers at the end of this year. On this Sunday morning, the board will report to the community on the status of our financial situation, answer questions from the community, and assess whether or not we have the financial and volunteer resources to keep SpiritKeepers functional. Please attend this meeting . . . it may be the most important Sunday morning of the year.

February 16

“What We Say Goes” Conversations on U.S. Power in a Changing World by Noam Chomsky.

The morning will consist of a live interview with Alternative Radio host David Barsamian of KGNU by Rev. Timothy Dobson, founding minister of SpiritKeepers Interfaith Fellowship. David’s latest book with Noam Chomsky is “Power Systems: Conversations on Global Democratic Uprising and the New Challenges to U.S. Empire.” Come hear the candid message not told by the corporate media, of how U.S. policies and practices go unchecked and unreported and the part that Noam Chomsky plays in raising citizen awareness. Hear David’s internationally syndicated award winning Alternative Radio program on KGNU, 88.5 FM, Wednesdays 6-7 PM.
Noam Chomsky ranks with Marx, Shakespeare, and the Bible as one of the 10 most quoted sources in the humanities.” -The Guardian-
There will be time for some questions from the audience following the interview.

February 9

Experience a ‘taste’ of Gender Reconciliation: Healing Between Women and Men! with Essrea Cherin

Gender Reconciliation is an experiential process that fosters heartfelt understanding of the harmful impacts of the gender conditioning we all experience, and that causes considerable harm between people. The process is based on love, insight and face-to-face communication rather than didactic presentations or shame and blame (no ‘male bashing’ allowed!).

Gender Reconciliation is rooted in the same principles that informed the work of South Africa’s Truth and Reconciliation process, and, in fact, the Desmond and Leah Tutu Legacy Foundation feel so strongly about spreading this work that they have recently partnered with the Gender Reconciliation International founders to expand the work to university students in South Africa to transform gender relations.

Participants will begin to recognize some of the ways that gender conditioning and wounding create barriers in relationships in the present and will be empowered to reach beyond these obstacles to connect authentically with others.
Essrea Cherin is an Adjunct Faculty with Regis University since 2002. She is Chairperson of the Boulder-Nablus Sister City Project and Founder of the Missing Peace reconciliation project. She holds an M.A. in Communications & Conflict Management from Denver University.

January 26

“Falling in Love with a Buddha” with Frank Berliner

Come discover a personal account of being a close student of Chogyam Trungpa
(prolific author and founder of Naropa University) as Frank shares his experience and memoirs. From the mid 70s till the time of Trungpa’s passing Frank participated in the emergence of Naropa as a contemplative center of higher learning and what was the largest Buddhist sangha in the country, here in Boulder, CO. The morning will shed light on the “Crazy Wisdom” style of teaching Chogyam Trungpa employed and how he has left a lasting mark on our community and Higher Education. Frank Berliner is a current faculty member in the Psychology Dept. and meditation instructor at Naropa University. Copies of “Falling in Love with a Buddha” will be for sale with part of the proceeds going to SpiritKeepers Interfaith Fellowship.

January 19

“Owning Our Projections” with Svaha Marie Mannatt

Projections are defense mechanisms and as such they interfere with the quality of our connection with others. When we project onto others we get rid of our shadow and our light. By owning our projections we can reclaim lost parts of ourselves. The result is integration and wholeness. We project onto another rather than feel what it feels like to be vulnerable. When we are operating in this way, the field between us and the other gets disturbed and can be felt. When we are able to bring ourselves into the present moment and own our projections, we are then able to enter into more deep and intimate relationships. The field between us is changed and can be felt with our hearts and with the instinctual part of our being — our gut (body awareness). We might also be aware of the state of our minds as we begin to dissolve and soften the voice of the inner critic.

The presentation will consist of experiential exercises, group reflection, and discussion.
Svaha Marie Mannatt, MA, LPCC- Applied Existential Psychotherapist, Gestalt, Dreamwork and Co. Therapy for Couples. Marie has a private practice in Boulder, Colorado. Her work focuses on helping clients befriend and welcome all parts of themselves and is rooted in mindfulness. Her work helps clients move from suffering or the spirit of seriousness and begin to rekindle the spirit of play. She integrates ancient wisdom with modern psychology


January 12

“Breakthrough: Transforming Fear into Compassion” with Richard Forer

In 2006 Richard underwent a profound spiritual awakening that led him to write his book Breakthrough: Transforming Fear into Compassion – A New Perspective on the Israel-Palestine Conflict. Richard’s journey has taken him to the West Bank of Palestine in 2010 and a multi-city book tour where he shared his journey of awakening and his message of peace through transforming fear into compassion. Many welcomed his unique perspective on the Israel-Palestine Conflict. In November 2012 he was a member of a human rights delegation that visited the Gaza Strip, where he met with numerous organizations, and attended the funeral of a thirteen year old boy killed by Israeli gunfire while playing soccer in front of his house. Learn more:

“To my knowledge, there has never been a book that takes on the daunting challenge of describing and deconstructing the unbelievably complex emotional and intellectual journey from prejudice to compassion on this issue… until now!” – Anna Baltzer, from the Foreword

“Breakthrough is a powerful, disturbing, enlightening must-read for anyone who cares about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and knows the present trajectory is a tragic cul-de-sac. Forer eloquently tells the story of the difficult but ultimately life-affirming process of awakening to the suffering of the Other. Read this book if you have the courage to acquire the wisdom to make the leap of empathy required to realize a new politics of peace and reconciliation.”
– Rabbi Irwin Kula, Author of Yearnings: Embracing the Sacred Messiness of Life.

December 29

“Universal Worship: Finding Our Path in Difficult Times (Prayer Without Ceasing)” with Rev. Timothy Dobson and Zubeida Kruger

This morning we share in the foundational inspiration behind the Dances of Universal Peace. This service which honors all paths to the Divine was given by Hazrat Inayat Kahn to the early disciples of his Sufi lineage. As we light a candle representing each path and read scriptures from its sacred text, we will also incorporate dances and music inspired by that tradition. Zubeida and Timothy are ordained Cherags, the Universalist ministers entrusted with sharing this transmission of an alter that honors and welcomes all.

December 22

The Winter Solstice Community Meditation

The Winter Solstice rituals give one an opportunity to walk the labyrinth, sit in silent contemplation and to choose an angel quality in celebration of the New Year ahead. This opportunity allows a space for consciously greeting the new and releasing the old. As this is the Solstice of Darkness, the winter, the time of rest before rebirth, it can be a powerful time for silent introspection. Join us in the celebration of quietude, renewal and direction for the New Year and the lengthening of the light from the dark time. One suggestion is to bring a ‘sitting’ pillow since the morning will be mostly a meditation with some movement.

December 15

“Too Big to Fail and other Myths” with Rev. Timothy Dobson

This morning we will look at our assumptions and the stories we carry individually and collectively that create normalcy and complacency in our lives. We will reference the work of Malcolm Gladwell in his new book called David and Goliath, Underdogs, Misfits, and the Art of Battling Giants, and see where the challenges of life force the creative thinking that ultimately changes what we hold to be true. Timothy is a “cultural creative”, founding minister of SpiritKeepers and a big fan of Malcolm Gladwell’s investigative writings.

December 8

“A Poetic Response to Climate Change, Peak Oil and Spiritual Possibility” with Robert Power

The intent of this morning’s journey is an active meditation — to feel, deepen and expand, and use the “mystery school” nature of current times to revitalize one’s purpose.
The Backdrop: Climate change, peak oil, economic distress, environmental destruction, societal organization that is trending towards fascist……
Our Stage: Daily life demands and choices, one’s mindscape and vision, the seeming loss or threat of losing stability, “what do I do?”
One Response: a poetically lived life, engaged and opportunistically turned towards “Truth”.

Robert’s background is diverse and could be described as “renaissance”. He has traversed the business world, gone deep into the healing world, touched in on many artistic expressions, and for the past 23 years “has followed intuition no matter what”. The result isn’t always graceful, is often “on-the-edge”, but is now yielding much more amusement, appreciation and “knowing”.