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What is SpiritKeepers?

SpiritKeepers Interfaith Fellowship is a multi-faith church that has been meeting since 1994, having grown out of the need for deeper connection among participants of the Dances of Universal Peace.


  • Belonging
  • Support & Prayers
  • Interfaith, tolerance
  • Inspiration
  • Provocative Topics
  • Meditative Movement, Body-centered Practice
  • Co-creative & Interactive
  • Depth of Connection

A Typical Sunday Morning:

  • Begins with a meditative walking/breathing practice, set to live music.
  • We join in a circle and dance two Dances of Universal Peace prior to our morning’s presentation.
  • Our attention is then turned to the presenter, drawn from the fellowship or broader community, who through lecture and participation, guide us to a greater awareness of Spirit in its many forms.
  • The closing Dance culminates in our drawing the circle closer, chanting sacred sound, and sharing the energy that has collectively built throughout the morning.
  • Optional continued fellowship over lunch at a local restaurant.

What Type of Presentations are Offered?

Our presenters are drawn from the SpiritKeepers fellowship and from the larger spiritual community.  Their presentations are generally informative, growth stimulating and interactive, drawing upon the wisdom of the community.

See our program schedule!

What are Dances of Universal Peace?

We dance in a circle, sometimes with partners, sometimes without. The movements are simple, folk-dance movements that help move the energy into a more heart-centered and spiritually grounded place. We sing while dancing, using simple phrases from various spiritual traditions. Instructions are given for each dance, as well as a brief explanation or contextual commentary which helps to deepen the experience. www.dup-co.com

Dances of Universal Peace

Mission Statement

SpiritKeepers Interfaith Fellowship serves to nurture and expand the sacred in each other through participation in The Dances of Universal Peace, experiential exploration of ancient and modern wisdom traditions, and building a diverse spiritual community where all paths are honored.

Our mission is served through:

  1. Respecting diversity and striving for expanding unity among the various religions, races, cultures, sexes, and age groups that exist today, opening our community to all who wish to participate.
  2. Providing a safe space for individuals to be vulnerable and contemplative, in the process of increasing consciousness, personal growth and transformation.
  3. Honoring the group wisdom and creating a container for the transformation of the individual and the group.
  4. Cultivating a supportive and spiritual community, both formally through various presentations, and informally through socializing.
  5. Educating ourselves to a deeper awareness of larger community and global issues such as supporting civil and human rights, protecting the environment and all its inhabitants, and affecting change within ourselves and others.